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Bringing Alive Old (& New) Photographs
The Perfect “It’s the Thought that counts” gift
Do you have shoe-boxes & albums full of old photographs that hardly, if ever, see the light of day?
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could breath some new life into these photographs to share with your family and friends by turning them into a DVD by copying them and putting them into a Coffee Table Album.
What a unique and thoughtful gift they can make too.
Your Parent’s Wedding Album & Honeymoon Photographs can make a wonderful and emotional suprise gift for a loved one. It’s something they shall always treasure, will bring back fond memories, not to mention a tear or two to the eye!
Each photograph is on screen for approximately 6-seconds each (10-photographs per minute), with dissolves in-between each photograph, all set to the music of your choice.
Your own special tittles are added before each segment and each DVD is authorized with chapter markers. The production is packaged in a special DVD box, with a unique DVD Cover.
All photographs are timed and set to the music of your choice.
Your selection of Photographs, Souvenirs, Press Clips, etc, are scanned or digitally photographed, captions are added detailing the photographs and these are then turned into a Coffee Table Album.
A great way to view your precious photographs without worrying about fingerprints, tearing fragile memories or spilling something on them. Albums are digitally created and have a special laminated seal to protect your memories from even the most determined of little fingers. Another fantastic and heartwarming gift choice.
You could even mix your own Wedding Photos with a few choice ones from both sets of Parents, to make a truly memorable keepsake.  
Keepsake Package
60 Photos -    70 euros
One DVD in a Custom DVD Case
Heirloom DVD Package
100 Photos -  100 euros
Two DVDs in Custom Cases
Legacy DVD Package
150 Photos -  120 euros
Three DVDs in Custom Cases
You will receive your DVDs in a Custom case, set to the music of your choice. Additional Copies are 10 euros each.
100 Photographs -    120 euros
150 Photographs -    150 euros
200 Photographs -    180 euros
Additional Albums, no matter how many photos they contain, are ONLY 79 euros plus shipping directly from the Album manufacturer.
Shipping is FREE within Spain but postage is required for other countries.